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Game Description

Our friend Harry has heard rumors about a mysterious Golden Wheel built by an Egyptian Pharaoh for his precious pet hamster.

The ten parts of the wheel, however, are scattered throughout the world, and so you'll have to help little Harry on his adventure to find this beautiful wheel.

How to Play

Keyboard arrow keys

Moves Harry up, down, left and right.

Keyboard spacebar key

Pick up or drop an object.

Keyboard "M" key

Show or hide game map.

Game Tips

Guide Harry the Hamster through the pipes and along paths, avoiding obstacles and enemies (like horrible rats!).

  • Harry can carry any part of the wheel and other useful objects but only one piece at a time.
  • Use the map to see where you are and to find out where to collect the remaining pieces of the golden wheel.
  • If someone or something is blocking the path, you will need to find the right object to help Harry overcome the obstacle.
  • Harry will lose a little bit of health as he runs around or if he comes in contact with enemies, so be careful!
  • If Harry runs out of health and energy, the game will end. Pickup a piece of the golden wheel to restore his health and energy.

To complete the game, you need to collect all 10 wheel pieces and guide Harry back to his hamster cage.

Game Characters


Avoid these evil baddies! These three rats will fight you and reduce Harry's energy and health!

In this Harry the Hamster game, the main enemies are rats


There are a lot of glum characters in Harry's way! Pass these obstacles by helping the characters fix their problems.

Bumble bee

Game obstacle: Tired bumble bee

I need more nectar, but I am worn out!


Game obstacle: Snail with no shell

I'm not a slug, you know, I am just homeless.


Game obstacle: Cold penguin

I am frozen. Even my beak feels numb!

Bunny rabbit

Game obstacle: Unhappy bunny rabbit

Go away Harry. I am feeling sad.


Game obstacle: Worm looking for a birthday present

It's my first birthday! Where is my present?

Snail #2

Game obstacle: Snail stuck in its' shell

Help! I can not break out of my snail shell!

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