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Game Description

Harry the Hamster has been launched into space by the evil cat. His only hope is to assemble 12 rocket parts to get back to Earth.

Can you help our intrepid space hamster collect all the pieces to build his ship and return home, by jumping from asteroid to asteroid?

How to Play

Keyboard arrow keys

Moves Harry up, down, left and right.

Game Tips

Using the arrow keys, guide little Harry around space, avoiding the alien cat and space debris.

  • Collect energy booster packs to boost your power while you search for the 12 rocket pieces.
  • Pick up shield booster packs for a few seconds protection against the cat and the space debris.
  • Each piece of rocket wins you an extra 10 seconds to search.

Find all 12 rocket pieces before your power runs out to win the game and return to safely to Earth.

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